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How I road tested my right handed joystick.

I took it to my friend's where me and my friends played Street Fighter II New Challengers for the Genesis. Before we traded off 2 6-button Genesis sticks which was almost literally a requirement (you could play with a 3 button, but switching between punches and kicks were awful. You had to press Start each switch, it always defaulted to Punch to start, and you charge a charge move, but you couldn't switch until fight, so good luck pulling off a charge kick move to start. You have to pre-plan, and some moves couldn't be accessed without fiddling with the start button, and that's just one extra factor to deal with. not pretty.) And The 2 top guys were the usual suspects, one of them winning most the time, and the other occasionally dethroning him. This is in a group of 8 friends.

Then I tried my right handed stick. Before the stick, I got a couple wins historically against them with E Honda, mainly because of the dragon punch motion was notably absent. But with the right handed stick, I was winning. I tried some Ken, some Ryu, a little Fei Long, and any character I knew the moves to and had a dragon punch motion. I was winning every game, including against the 2 best. I did so well in SF2NC that everyone was surprised. I never lost. I got bored. The person who is NOW my best friend, and was a good neighborhood friend at the time said there that a Joystick could not make anyone THAT good at Street Fighter if he sucked with a pad, especially if it was right handed. So I said let's test it: