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Ever wonder why if your video goame skill weere great before SAtreet Fighter 2 and better beofre the NES, why that is? IT's because the Industry changed the left handed controller as the standard controller. Not since Beeshu has there been acompany apporved by the system makers to do ambidexterity right. This joystick will be everything a rihgt handed stick plaer would need, adapter or many systems, System and game independednt buuton reprogramming, lightning quick moves, your chouice of parts, and a design that works well for lefties as it does for righthanders. In the tradition of "badboy poads that are Evil or Wicked, the name Sinister has a double meaning. Both the vonvrpt of an unfsir advantage you have when playing, and the literaly Latin meaing of he word Sinister meaning "left Handed." An yes you can be right handed for some purposes and left handed for others. It's just JAMMA and Nintendo changed the definitoin halfway through my childhood. Take back performance. Give yourself options. There a right way and a left way, and habving both is the correct way,

A Sinister Stick

Literally from the latin word for left handed, and notions certain cultures had towards left-handedness. I'm looking to righthand (if I'm allowed to define the verb "righthanding" as making something into a right handed version of that same something) my Street Fighter Anniversary stick. First of all I'm not saying that I am good. With a Regular 6-button genesis pad I was awful telegraphing and misfiring dragon punches. But in 1993, I had a cheap, shoddily made Genesis/SNES stick that was custom made, and its purpose is to make an ambidextrous stick. More details click the following links for the history of the lefty/righty debates and when accommodations were acceptable, and when the weren't, here for my testimonial of how much the right handed joystick works for me, (and how it might improve your game), and finally the yardstick of the calibur of future gaming talent I'm up against. If you follow gaming on Basic Cable, you may have heard of the opponent that not only I beat, but everyone else did there, just because he was ignorant of the power of the right handed joystick in Street Fighter. Trust me: he knows now. I was just glad to serve him some humble pie now before he became a champion gamer, where humble pie would have tasted MUCH more bitter on TV compared with just friends. If this guy is smart, he'd say that would shape his gaming career by telling him: if you want to excel at everything, one controller is a Swiss Army Knife and will do in a pinch, but some things are better done with optimized tools, like swords, or fight sticks.

So I posted a couple of topics of righthanding a Street Fighter Anniversary Stick. Most joysticks wont work well to righthand easily. Because the button contour either "smiles" at you when it should "frown", and had a back cock to tire wrists, or both, a rectangular joystick box would be a much more acceptable option than playing with a smile or a backcock, though it pales compared to a custom stick. But luckily, the Street Fighter Anninversary Stick for PS2 and Xbox Prime (when the third Xbox generation calls itself "one" what do you call the first? "Prime" is just as good of a name as any.) was a stick that could have been designed to be an ambidextrous stick. Maybe if someone at Nuby thought, we can sell sticks to right handed old-schoolers and lefties if we made it each to flip the switch, then it could have sold even more. After all, weren't certain versions of Street Fighter arcade cabinets a "lefty vs righty" setup, so that wasn't too farfetched.

At first I was afraid to righthand my stick because of the value of the stick, which I picked up for $20 at a used media store that does music, movies and games, but, as I later found out, most of the value in the stick is its base, and not necessarily its joystick parts. Lots of people seek this stick to install their custom parts. I'm just looking to move from middle of the pack to winning 9 out of 10 random matches online. If my win record is SO good where I should compete, MAYBE I'll consider special parts, but until then, I don't want to fall in that elitism, which if you're at the level of my most famous victim, any edge you get is important, and if it pays bills, you can afford elitism. So I was liking just to keep the parts and righthand the stick.

I asked on the forum how you do it, and they said just take it apart. I saw clear screws in the joystick part, so I unscrewed the 2 opposite directions and fanagled the ground wires in such a way that it would fit. It was a tight fit, but I managed to fit with the internal wiring looking like this:

I tested it and found it was good. On the Xbox One I now no longer had to reprogram the Xbox One OS to flip the d-pad, using a PS2 -> Xbox One adpater. I never tested it with the PS2. But I assume that most of these adapters that are made at joystick/video game adapter companies, like Tototek for SNES, Saturn, Xbox Prime, and Turbo Grafx 16. but I'm assuming tototek adpaters map as if you've got a fight stick, so maybe these will map right. but he buttons are upside down so I decided to unplug and re wire the non-grounds to make the map work right. Unfortunately when i unplugged the 2 wires on the quick buttons, I got this: