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Ever wonder why if your video goame skill weere great before SAtreet Fighter 2 and better beofre the NES, why that is? IT's because the Industry changed the left handed controller as the standard controller. Not since Beeshu has there been acompany apporved by the system makers to do ambidexterity right. This joystick will be everything a rihgt handed stick plaer would need, adapter or many systems, System and game independednt buuton reprogramming, lightning quick moves, your chouice of parts, and a design that works well for lefties as it does for righthanders. In the tradition of "badboy poads that are Evil or Wicked, the name Sinister has a double meaning. Both the vonvrpt of an unfsir advantage you have when playing, and the literaly Latin meaing of he word Sinister meaning "left Handed." An yes you can be right handed for some purposes and left handed for others. It's just JAMMA and Nintendo changed the definitoin halfway through my childhood. Take back performance. Give yourself options. There a right way and a left way, and habving both is the correct way,

My Most Famous Victim of my Ambidextrous Joystick.

This sounds like a good sales pitch for an ambidextrous joystick, but what makes it a killer sell is the identity of that cocky friend. That friend is a childhood friend, who later turned out to be a famous gamer. I was his best man at his recent wedding. He is Jamal "Zophar321" Nickens.

1) He got better since then, (so good that he was the all-around Original Xbox champ, as determined by the reality game show, Life to the Power of X, and later parlayed that into an appearance on WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 1 where he got third out of 12, and I'd like to spread this about him: He did Basic Cable TV's first televised teabagging. (I t was against Dante.) And WCG didn't want a teabagger being their champion, first on the next episode, Lisa Leslie gave Jamal last place. Luckily he played the NBA game to a first place tie, where combined he was middle of the pack. Then in the gauntlet, they eliminated 2 people when Jamal was second to last. I can't prove it, but they got their just deserts. Last time I heard, they never paid him his thousand dollars on a temptation dare, and WCG is now out of business. If my theory was correct, couldn't have happened to a nicer company. Even if I did prove it correct, which is a stretch to prove correct, they are corporately dead. So I just add it as urban legend which happen to fit the facts. If they did it, they got away scot free. .)

2) I got a lot worse, thanks to mental/emotional autism medication (Yes, I admit it.) but have gotten better reflex-wise since I drank a high energy zero calorie drink called Pepsi Max.

3) But most importantly the game has changed. So much so that the fighting game is fundamentally designed differently.

In the Genesis days, if you could pull out super moves 100% of the time when you willed them, and can surprise opponents, then you are a Street Fighter II New Challengers master. And if you do that without thinking to yourself the physical movements, meaning if they are like second nature, then you can use more of your brain power to focus on the screen, strategize based on position health bars and time, and most importantly react to the screen, among all the other little things, successfully blocking based on reflex. Everything could be done on these newer games, except one very important thing's changed: Ping time.

TV ping time on a consumer level gaming monitor like the Playstation 3D monitor was good at the time, but measures 33 ms, so you're behind 2 frames. Even if I were to buy a Pro 3D monitor, the ping time is 11 ms, or slightly less than one 60 fps frame. CRT TV are UNDER 1 MICROSECOND. Two major things are effected by this ping time, combo timing and defensive reactions. Defense on these newer games are either guesswork or you predicting your opponent going to the well one too many times, whereas on the Genesis, you can react to an opponent in real time, and if you see the first frame, you can 100% block if you knew all opponent animaitons. Also combo timing on the Genesis was fluid and can be played by feel and you could realistically come up with a 4 hit combo without researching it. Now, not only are combos engineered, they can't be felt through. They tell you the combos, and expect you to practice it. And their tutorial sucks where the timing of button presses are not evident, and on a CRT TV, you could more instinctively tell when the next stage of the combo was coming by watching or listening, but with modern monitors, you have to lead it. So it's a pre-meditated combo.