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Ever wonder why if your video goame skill weere great before SAtreet Fighter 2 and better beofre the NES, why that is? IT's because the Industry changed the left handed controller as the standard controller. Not since Beeshu has there been acompany apporved by the system makers to do ambidexterity right. This joystick will be everything a rihgt handed stick plaer would need, adapter or many systems, System and game independednt buuton reprogramming, lightning quick moves, your chouice of parts, and a design that works well for lefties as it does for righthanders. In the tradition of "badboy poads that are Evil or Wicked, the name Sinister has a double meaning. Both the vonvrpt of an unfsir advantage you have when playing, and the literaly Latin meaing of he word Sinister meaning "left Handed." An yes you can be right handed for some purposes and left handed for others. It's just JAMMA and Nintendo changed the definitoin halfway through my childhood. Take back performance. Give yourself options. There a right way and a left way, and habving both is the correct way,

The SinisterSticks.com.

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